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Anthony is a Director of MIS
at Epworth Villa till December 2019

Work History 
Employee AOD User Conference 5/09
My New Office
Dreamweaver Class 8/07
Tony's Old Office Cam
Epworth Villa ppt 2007
 Epworth Villa ppt 2002
AOD Training
Washington DC aahsa conference 4/09
AAHSA Conference on future technology DC 06 
Challenges Growing Up That Made Me Stronger




Margaret is the Art Director

Painting Santa Fe Class 7/10
Painting at Festival of the Arts 4/10
OETA Gallery TV show
Adobe Certified Instructor
Art Shows 4/08
ADDY Awards Gala 2/08
New Resume pdf
Old Resume
New Portfolio
Old portfolio
PowerPoint Portfolio
Baby Boomer Oklahoman
Oklahoma Monthly Covers