Biking (Touring and Mountain Trails)
Touring Rides
Great Tulsa Bike Ride 5/6/01 50 Miles 4 Hr's 20 Min's 11.6 MPH Avg.

S.C.A.T. Newcastle 5/12/01 46 Miles 3 Hr's 45 Min's 13.3 MPH Avg.

Tour of the Wichitas 5/19/01 46 Miles 3 Hr's 14 Min's 14 MPH Avg.

Regular Workout
Start from my house around Lake Hefner and back 15.6 miles. If not muddy will add 3.5 mile mountain bike trail down below the Lake Hefner dam at Bluff Creek

Other Tours
Redbud Classic
Independence Classic Bike Tour
6th Annual Norman Conquest
30th Annual Iron Horse Bicycle Classic
Cherokee National Holiday Bike Ride
Other Events
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
Tulsa Wheelman


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Mt. Scott

Tour Of The Wichitas

Wildlife Refuge

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Great Tulsa BikeRide

Bluff Creek

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